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  • 3M 9210+ N95 Particulate Respirator Masks

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    The lightweight, three-panel designed disposable N95 particulate respirator helps provide quality, reliable, and convenient worker respiratory protection. 3M uses a variety of innovative technologies and features to help you meet your respiratory protection and comfort needs. 3M`s proprietary filter media, 3M™ Advanced Electret Media, filters dust and other particles, while allowing for easy breathing. The soft inner material provides added comfort while the soft nose foam and adjustable nose clip help provide a custom seal. Braided headbands provide comfort and help minimize pulling of hair. Unique features to the Aura™ Series Particulate Respirators include: sculpted nose panel that follows the contours of your nose allowing more room for eyewear, embossed top panel that is designed to help reduce the fogging of eyewear from warm, moist exhaled air, and innovative chin tab designed for ease of positioning, donning, and adjustment. These features are designed to enhance user comfort and help increase wearability. The unique three-panel flat fold design is collapse resistant and its individual packaging allows for easy storage prior to use. Suggested applications: Grinding, Sanding, Sweeping, Bagging and other dusty or arid operations. Can also be used to help reduce inhalation of certain airborne biological particles like mold, Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, etc. Example applications include emergency or pandemic preparedness planning, stockpiling, etc. WARNING: These respirators help reduce exposures to certain airborne particulates. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging. A written respiratory protection program must be implemented meeting all the requirements of OSHA 1910.134 including training, fit testing and medical evaluation. In Canada, CSA standards Z94.4 requirements must be met and/or requirements of the applicable jurisdiction, as appropriate. Misuse may

      The 3M™ Aura™ Series Particulate Respirator 9210+, N95 is a breakthrough in comfort and convenience. This three-panel, flat-fold disposable respirator with its innovative design helps provide comfortable, reliable worker protection against non-oil based particles.

      • NIOSH APPROVED: N95 for at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles like dust and smoke.
      • REDUCED EYEWEAR FOGGING: Designed to direct exhaled air away from the nose panel, helping reduce eyewear fogging
      • COMFORTABLE: Braided headbands help keep respirator securely in place and minimize pulling of hair
      • LOW PROFILE DESIGN: Curved low profile design conforms well to nose and eye contours, allowing more room for eyewear
      • Individual packaging and flat fold design provides convenient storage and portability
      • Soft inner materials
      • Compatible with a variety of eyewear
      • Adjustable noseclip helps provide a custom secure seal
      • Innovative chin tab designed for ease of positioning, donning & adjustment


    3M™ 9210+ Particulate Respirator Bulk Package, N95, 240 ea/case

    3M 9210+ N95 Particulate Respirator Masks

    Product Features

    Aerosol Type Non-Oil
    Exhalation Valve No
    Shelf Life 5 Year
    NIOSH Approved Yes, N95
    Features Braided Comfort Strap, Individually Wrapped, Stapled Headband
    Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862) N/A
    Hazard Type  Asbestos Fibres, Mold, Silica
    Natural Rubber Latex Components No
    Product Type Dust and other Particles
    Respirator Type Flat Fold, Duck Bill
    Size Standard
    Number per Box 50  Box
    Color White