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  • Bonart E1 Electron Electro-Surgery Unit

    $999.00 $769.99

    Bonart Electron ART-E1 Dental Electrosurgery

    Bonart Electron ART-E1 Electrosurgery/cutting unit comes with 7 various pieces of electrodes, 1 hand piece, 1 indifferent plate, 1 power cord, AND 1 foot switch. Operation mode of cut, coagulation, cut-coagulation. New Titanium Electrodes. 10 different power settings. Electrodes are autoclavable, 1/16" diameter shaft. Made universal to Fit other major electrorsurgery brands.

    The Bonart E1 Electrosurgery Unit Has a 18 Month Limited warranty

    • Operation frequency: 1.7 MHz
    • Output Power: 70 Watts

    Unit Comes With

    • 7 various pieces of electrodes
    • 1 hand piece
    • 1 indifferent plate
    • 1 power cord
    • 1 foot switch

    New Green Style Electrodes for Bonart Electrosurgery Unit

    Electrodes for Bonart Electrosurgery Unit