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DCI Edge Series 4 Led Track Mount Dental Operatory Light (DCI)

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DCI Edge Series 4 Led Track Mount Dental Operatory Light (DCI)

DCI’s heavy-duty metal structure and handle design along with high quality components demonstrate a strong commitment to building the highest quality dental equipment.

  • Patient & Operator Comfort

    Precise Illumination: prevents patient glare.

    Cool running: LED technology eliminates heat output, maximizing patient and operator comfort.

  • Low Cost of Ownership

    Energy Efficiency: Requires 80% less power compared to traditional dental lights.

    Longer Bulb Life = Significant Savings: on Replacement Bulbs: 10-15 year expected life vs annual replacement.

  • Reflective Technology

    Uniform Light Pattern: DCI delivers cutting edge illumination technology by utilizing over 500 reflective facets that bounce light back to the oral cavity. The result is a uniform light pattern that increases visibility for doctors and dental assistants.

    Less Eye Fatigue/Increased Visibility: Optimal light performance reduces shadows improving illumination of the oral cavity.

    Accurate Shade Matching: 5000 Kelvin color temperature with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 produces a neutral white light, which is ideal for color matching at any intensity level.

     Input Voltage - 115V/230V, 50/60 Hz
    Color Temperature - 5000 Kelvin
    Focal Length - 27”
    Illumination Area - 3” X 6”
    Light Intensity (Lux) 35,000 - 26,000 - 17,500
    5 Year Warranty