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  • DT-8809C Infrared Non Contact Digital Thermometers

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    This item is out of stock

    DT-8809C Infrared Non Contact Digital Thermometers

    The DT-8809C Infrared Non Contact Digital Thermometers are For When reopening your Medical Office, Dental Office, Restaurant or Other Business To Protect Against the CoronaVirus. Patients and customers will be at ease when they see you are taking the steps necessary to protect them from getting the Corona Virus. Check on employees to make sure they don't spread the Virus around to your whole work force. Fahrenheit or Celsius, Check the temperature of a surface. Alarm can be set for high or low temperature. Back Light is 3 different colors for quick reading if they have a temperature or not. Your going to want to make sure you check all your diners if you have a retaurant. Is It Safe to Eat at Restaurants during the CornoaVirus ? that is why you show your customers that you are checking every one's temperature when they come in to eat.

    Item type: IR Non Contact Digital Thermometer
    model: DT-8809C
    Input voltage: D C 3 V
    Power source: 2 * AAA B-atteries (Not Provided)
    Material: ABS
    Color: purple
    Measuring distance: 50mm-150mm
    Measuring ti-me: 0.5 - 1 second
    Auto power-off: Approx. 20 seconds
    Temperature measurement range:
    B Temperature Mode: 32℃-34.9℃±0.3℃/ 35℃-42℃±0.2℃/ 42.1℃-42.9℃±0.3℃
    Three color backlight:
    Body Temperature Mode:
    35.5℃-37.3℃, Green(Normal)
    37.4℃-38.5℃, Orange(Low fever)
    38.6℃-42.9℃, Red(High fever)
    Working temperature: 10-35℃
    Working humidity: ≤10%-85%
    Packing List:
    1 * Non-contact IR Thermometer