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  • Endograph DC Mobile Dental X-Ray Unit

    $6,399.00 $3,599.99

    Endograph DC Mobile  Dental X-Ray Unit (Villa)

    Intraoral X-ray unit

    A New Era for Intraoral X-Ray Units

    Villa has redesigned and perfected its DC, bringing the Endograph DC X-Ray Unit to new levels. The Endograph DC Dental X-Ray Unit is a plug-n-play x-ray with high frequency generator coupled with a mains-fluctuations compensating timer, effectively streamlining the installation process and giving it utmost stability in the busiest of facilities. All this enables the end user to begin taking x-ray immediately and compete with the industry’s shortest waiting time between exposures. Mount the whole assembly in the room, utilize an external timer kit, external exposure switch or forget it all and become limitless with a wireless exposure button.

    • Plug-n-Play
    • FIRST WIRELESS Villa Intra-Oral X-Ray Pushbutton
    • No External Power Conditioning Needed
    • 2 Year warranty

    No Matter Your Method, Endograph DC Delivers with the Lowest Dosage

    The Endograph offers kV selection at 60, 65, and 70 which when joined with manual command allows more than 100 possible exposure combinations. Your investment into your preferred image acquisition method is protected with preset settings for film, photostimulable plates (PSP), or digital detectors – all methods which the Endograph is able to provide the lowest dose possible. Preset anatomic programs cover any patient size while predefined tooth selection works with the operators existing knowledge of anatomical regions of the mouth. What results is a dramatically expedited training process for the operator combined with high resolution images.

    • More than 100 Possible Exposure Combinations
    • Optimized Presets for Film, PSP, or Digital Detectors