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  • Honeywell DC365 Surgical N95 Respirator Surgical N95 Respirator for Healthcare - ASTM 160 mmHg

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    20 Masks per Box
    10 Boxes per Case
    200 Masks per Case


    Fluid-resistant N95 ASTM F1862 160 mmHg.
    Designed with comfort in mind
    Dye-free and non-sensitizing
    Materials feel smooth and soft next to the skin
    Flexible, light-weight construction conforms gently to the face, minimizing pressure points
    Durable, dual-welded straps are easy to don and doff and provide a secure and comfortable fit
    Adjustable nosepiece for a customizable fit
    Multi-layer absorption media designed for lower breathing resistance
    Cup-shape with spacious breathing chamber
    One size

    Honeywell DC365 Surgical N95 Respirator is an easy-to-don and doff, high-fluid-resistant surgical respirator designed for clinician satisfaction across the spectrum of care.
    NIOSH-certified Surgical N95 (NIOSH 42 CFR 84)
    FDA registered

    NIOSH Approved
    Made in USA

    Honeywell DC365N95HC Surgical N95 Respirator for Healthcare

    Product Features

    Aerosol Type Non-Oil
    Exhalation Valve No
    Shelf Life 5 Year
    NIOSH Approved Yes, N95 Surgical Mask
    Features Braided Strap, Welded Headband
    Fluid Resistant (ASTM F1862) Yes-160mmHg

    Natural Rubber Latex Components No
    Product Type Surgical, Fluid Resistant, Dust and other Particles
    Respirator Type Cone
    Size One Size
    Number per Box 20  Box
    Color White