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Image Max Automatic Film Processor (XRS)

$6,295.00 $2,495.99

Image Max AutomaticĀ Film Processor (XRS)

  • Virtually self-cleaning. No need to take the processor apart to clean rollers, racks, or tracks. There are none! Simply rinse out the solution holding tanks, then refill with fresh chemistry and water. Simple and quick!
  • More film detail. You chose the developer temperature, ImageMax automatically selects the proper timing.
    -> Lower temperatures - more detail
    -> Higher temperatures - faster processing.
  • Consistently excellent X-Rays. No replenishment required.
    An onboard computer makes small adjustments in processing time based on the square inches processed.
  • Correctly processes intra-oral and pan / ceph films. These two film types process very differently. ImageMax is the first processor ever to process them with the correct "Kodak recommended" times.
  • Has the ability to both heat and cool the developer. ImageMax gives you complete control over film detail and processing speed.
  • 3 Year Warranty