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  • JLC 22 Double Head Oilless Dental Air Compressor (JDS)

    $7,290.00 $6,559.00

    JLC 22 Double Head Lubricated Dental Air Compressor (JDS)

    JDS Offers nothing less than top of the line equipment. Every component and all features are tested for performance, Bringing you the best quality.

    Key Features:

    • Copeland Powered heads provide the most quiet, reliable service.
    • The 0.01 micron filter catches the smallest contaminants, leaving only the cleanest air possiable. Dust, oil, smoke, even bacteria can't pass through.
    • Our exhaust silencer keeps the noise level to a minimum, and filters the purge air to keep your mechanical room clean.
    • the purge tank/ desiccant dyer system provides the cleanest and most dry air possible, leaving you worry free through out the day.
    • 3 Year Warranty