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MicroMax Cordless Prophy Hygiene Handpiece

$899.00 $629.00

MicroMax Cordless Prophy Hygiene Handpiece

A completely portable and rechargeable handpiece.

    1. Cordless convenience offers complete portability.
    2. Heavy-duty high torque motor.
    3. Forward/reverse functions.
    4. Reciprocating setting available without use of additional attachment.
    5. Five rotation speeds available for different applications.
    6. Ergonomic design provides comfort and easy operation.
    7. High capacity lithium-ion battery provides stable and prolonged usage. Also Changeable.
    8. Offers quick and easy coupling.
    9. Low battery warning light.
  1. Specifications: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
    Dimensions: L30 x W27 x H197 mm
    Weight: 150g

  2. Rpm: 200-1,000
    Accessories: Charging base, Handpiece, Power Cable