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  • Owandy-RX DC Dental Intraoral X-Ray Unit

    $5,299.00 $3,199.99

     Owandy-RX DC High Frequency Dental Intraoral X-Ray Unit

    Intraoral radiology

    Equipped with High Frequency technology and a 0.4mm focal spot, the Owandy-RX ensures consistent exposure parameters and high quality X-ray emissions.
    Microprocessor Control of the timer Guarantees exposure times are accurate to the 1/100th of a second. HF technology ensures patient safety byb a significant reduction in X-Ray doses and slimination of harmful soft X-Rays. Both Exposure Time and Delivered Dose are Clearly Displayed on The screen.
    The Owandy-RX is compatible with All the various types of sensors on the market. So no matter you use film  Digital Sensors or PSP Imaging Plates the Owandy-Rx DC Intraoral X-Ray Unit will give you the Best Image quality.

    Technology at its simplest

    New LCD , New design, For more reliability!

    Equipped with a 3.7" LCD screen, the Owandy-RX has a simple and intuitive user interface. In response to energy saving concerns, the generator has an integrated Sleep mode function in case of prolonged inactivity.

    X-ray emissions are controlled safely and remotely with the wireless trigger option and no more cables obstruct the work top allowing you to move freely.

    • 2 Year warranty