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  • Parkell The New Foramatron Dental Apex Locator

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    Parkell Foramatron Apex Locator

    The NEW Foramatron Apex Locator-New Design, Same Reliable Results: Still Less Expensive Than the Competition!

    • Precisely pinpoints the apical constriction using high and low frequency bands.
    • Ergonomic, aseptic design.
    • LED illuminated display for easy viewing.
    • Four distinct audio signals reinforce the indicator lights.
    • Reliable results even in the presence of all types of fluids.
    • Uses a replaceable, inexpensive 9-Volt battery.
    • Includes detachable autoclavable cables.
    • 5-year power-unit warranty.
    • To achieve accurate results, an intuitive lighted display and four distinct adjustable audio signals (signifying far short, getting close, apex and past apex) guide your progress down the canal. Green lights begin tracking your progress. When you get close to the apical constriction, the lights switch to yellow to indicate caution. When the light flashes red and the unit emits a constant beep, you’ve reached the foramen. If you continue, orange lights warn you that you’ve penetrated the

    D611 - Touch-Proof Wire Assembly includes: 2 ground clips, quick test probe, reamer holder & touch-proof wire assembly.

    The Foramatron uses high- and low-frequency bands to pinpoint the apical constriction—even in canals contaminated with blood or conductive electrolytes (sodium hypochlorite, anesthetic solution, etc.)

    Here’s How It Works

    In true Parkell fashion, once again we’ve found a way to update our Foramatron® Apex Locator and still keep it priced well below our competition! The Foramatron not only features a new sleek design but like the Foramatron units that came before, it offers the same level of precision and accuracy that dentists have come to expect. The unit’s brightly illuminated display is angled for easy chairside viewing, and in addition to the visual indicators, the Foramatron has audible file position indicators. The sturdy, molded case allows easy wipe-down with most antibacterial wipes for keeping asepsis, and the small footprint does not take up precious counter or bracket table space.

    D611 - Touch-Proof Wire Assembly includes: 2 ground clips, quick test probe, reamer holder & touch-proof wire assembly.

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