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Root III Apex Locator (Vector)

$699.00 $459.99

Root III Apex Locator (Vector)

The next generation of Apex Locators.  Highly precise and computer
tested to provide the most accurate and reliable measurement of the root canal. Compare to apex locators at twice the price! The Root III is just as accurate and just as reliable and the parts interchange with the most popular brands.
Features Include:
· Computer controlled variable multi-frequency measurement:
provides for precise measurement in dry fields as well as in the presence of blood, electrolyte or physiological brine. The condition of the canal has very little effect on the accuracy of the measurement.
·  Audible tone indicator: when the file reaches a distance of 2.0mm away from the apex a continuous alarm will sound.
· Large, clear and easy to understand LCD display with variable distance display: The LCD screen displays a magnified apex area represented by 15 squares; each square represents 0.1mm of the apex area. The unit will default to show 5 squares as yellow this represents the narrow area of the apex. These 5 squares measure a distance of 0.5mm. The user may adjust this distance or length (more than or less than 5 squares or 0.5mm) by pressing the function button. The figure on the LCD screen clearly displays the distance from the file to the apex. Below the 5 yellow squares are displayed 2 red squares this indicates the area overstepping the apex area.
·  Use with all your files.
·  Replacement parts compatible with most major brands of apex locators.