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First Medica Slim Blast Led Dental Curing Light

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First Medica Slim Blast Led Dental Curing Light

The Slim Blast is lightweight and ergonomic in its design, the Slim Blast was designed with the needs of customers in mind after obtaining extensive feedback.  Our design team was able to create a light that is 41% lighter, 26% thinner and 7% shorter than our popular Mini Blast, while still maintaining a battery life that will handle 700 x 5-second cures with a power output of >1,000 mw/cm². 


Like the Blast™ family, this light is designed to be durable and offers a high level of performance in battery life and power output.  The Slim Blast continues to offer high quality for a much lower cost than other lights on the market.  It includes an 8mm tip and comes with a 2-year warranty.