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  • Villa Explor-X AC Dental X Ray Unit

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    Villa Explor-X AC Dental X Ray Unit 

    Intraoral X-ray units

      The Explor-X AC intra-oral line has been designed to maximize efficiency of operation to concentrate on diagnosis rather than the procedure to obtain the image. Thanks to a built-in algorithm, the system automatically compensates the mains voltage fluctuations guaranteeing the best stability in film darkening. The duty cycle (waiting time between exposures) is 1:32, meaning that after a 0.5 second exposure, the operator need only wait 16 seconds to take the next x-ray. This translates into high efficiency when a multitude of exposures need be taken in sequence. Patient safety is ensured by a low dose while a “back-up” timer prevents unwanted exposures. The Explor-X may additionally work with a remote x-ray outside the operatory as well as a “ready” and “active” X-Ray light.

    • Exposure Times 0.02 to 3.2 seconds
    • Electrical stability in the busiest of facilities
    • Concentrate on diagnosis and treatment instead of the x-ray procedure
    • AC versus ACP

      Choose between the essential unit or optimized parameters. Both AC and ACP run off an AC Generator allowing 70kV, 8mA. The AC has classic manual time selection. For those who prefer a no-frills unit, the AC is the best tradeoff between performance and budget. The ACP on the other hand allows selection of the best exposure parameters using pre-programmed anatomic features. To take X-ray, choose 1) your patient size, and 2) the dentition area to be examined – and you’re ready! Additionally the operator may turn on the digital acquisition feature by pressing a button on the console which then optimizes use with digital sensors.

    • Hygiene

      All materials have a glossy finish and have been chosen for quick and easy cleaning to maintain the hygiene of your working environment, and to provide years of lasting durability.


      To adapt to every installation condition, Explor-X AC unit may be configured with a remote X-ray push button, allowing the exposure to be taken from outside the examination room. The mobile version provides for maximum operational flexibility.


      Explor-X AC units incorporate advanced self-diagnostics which alert the operator to any problems that may arise. A special safety device eliminates the risk of unintended exposures while inhibiting the X-ray push button when the unit is not in use.


      30cm Extension Cone
      This extends the source to skin distance to 30cm to facilitate paralleling technique.

      35x45mm Collimator
      The 35x45mm collimator is used to limit the irradiated area, thus reducing patient dose and minimizing scatter radiation.

      Mobile Stand
      An optional mobile stand is precisely balanced for safe, quick transport and convenience.