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Xtender Automatic X-Ray Film Processor (VELOPEX)

$5,995.00 $3,495.00

Xtender Automatic X-Ray Film Processor (VELOPEX) 

Reliability, Quality and Speed

Processes all sizes of film from intra-oral size, to panoramic and cephalometric (full skull size). High quality, archivable radiographs are delivered dry in five minutes. Endodontic films may be viewed wet (archival) after only two minutes 30 seconds. Has high capacity external reservoirs for processor chemistry and recirculation pump for automatic chemical recycling with extended chemical life. Includes unit self-filling from developer and fixer reservoirs.

Easy-to-use daylight loader (optional) eliminates the need for a darkroom. Films are processed automatically on insertion of the film. Unique film transport system ensures consistently excellent results.Electronic management system shows machine status and help codes. Compact dimensions, simple installation and minimal servicing.

Convenience, reliability, peace of mind
The Velopex Xtender offers the ultimate in x-ray film processing efficiency, reliability and convenience for the busy practice.  The Xtender package comprises a top specification processor with high capacity auxiliary chemical reservoirs.  An integrated recirculation pump provides automatic chemical filling and recycling for optimum chemical life.