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  • XZeal Z70 Mobile Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit

    $6,999.00 $2,499.99

    XZeal Z70 Mobile Dental Intra Oral X-Ray Unit


    The XZeal Z70 Dental X-Ray Unit Has Adjustable Exposure times from 0.06 to 2.50 seconds. Digital display of exposure time. The Z70 is equipped with anatomic programs and automatic setting of the exposure parameters: tooth choice ( bite-wing, uppermolars, pre-molars, incisors/ canine) Two patient sizes, automatic time reduction for digital sensor. Also possibility of manual setting of the parameters.

    Built with resistant materials, Z70 Dental X-Ray Unit possesses incisors arms with soft movement’s, accurate and that provide easy positioning to take radiographs.

    The electronic controller with microprocessor, it has pre-programmed keys that facilitate the daily operation of the equipment. The times of exhibition has a strict control for obtaining of a better result of the operation.

    With capacity of 70 kVp and 7 MA, the X-Ray head has lead covering. It offers radiographic performance with images of excellent contrast and hi definition.

    Technical Data

    Power Input(VAC)      120 or 203 VAC

    Nominal Current          9A - 4.5A

    Mains Frequency         50/60 Hz

    Maximum power          900 Watts

    Tube Voltage              70 Kvp (+- 5KV)

    Tube Current              7 mA

    Total Filtration             2.5 mm Al/Equiv

    Focal Spot                  0.8 mm x 0.8 mm

    Exposure Time             0.06 to 2.50 s

    Working Cycle              1s / 60s

    Focus- SSD                 200mm

    Radiation Field             60 mm

    Leak Radiation            <7 mR/h @ 1m