4083 Dental Delivery Cart with 4020 Head (Westar)

$2,199.00 $1,399.00

4083 Dental Delivery Cart with 4020 Head (Westar)

Standard Features:

Legendary Vortex valve (guaranteed for life).

Three way syringe with autoclavable tip.

Individual water coolant adjustment.

Asepsis Midwest 4 hole tubing.

14"X14" laminated surface.

Standard foot control.

Utility center.

7' umbilical.

Factory Options:

Storage bin only.

City/bottle upgrade.

3 or 4 bin storage organizer.

Swivel holder with stainless instrument tray.

Vacuum Instrumentation

(includes HVE, SE, solids collector, 2 holders and 1/2" spiral flex).