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Accucast Premium Dental Casting Machine (Buffalo)

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Accucast Premium Dental Casting Machine (Buffalo)

The rugged, improved, patented centrifugal casting machine with pre-calibrated balancing that helps ensure superior, dense castings every time. The rugged construction promotes safe operation and a long working life, and the positive locking crucible carrier secures type-A crucibles and prevents accidental shifting or releasing.


• Pre - Calibrated, one-step balancing system saves time and eliminates guesswork

• Versatile carrier adapter allows use with Kerr-type or Wesgo-type crucibles

• Drop-in spring design ensures powerful operation , keeps spring secure, and allows for easy replacement

• Snap-in cradles fitted to each ring flask assure correct alignment with crucible sprue holes

• Convenient size (19 5/16" arm length, 7" x 6 1/2" base housing, 12 1/2" ove rall height) fits most lab benches

• AccuCast Complete System includes 1 Type "A" Crucible, 4 Steel Ring Flasks (#’s 12, 17, 25, 35), 4 C radles (#’s 12A, 17A, 25A, 35A), 4 Rubber Sprue Bases (#’s 12R, 17R, 25R, 35R), 2 Flask Tongs (Small and Large), and 1 Crucible Carrier Adapter.