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  • Base Root Dental Apex Locator

    $599.99 $229.99

    Base Root LCD Screen Dental Apex Locator

      The Base Root Apex Locator can accurately read the meter whether the canal is filled with blood, electrolytes (hypochlorite,H2o,saline)etc
      •Automatic monitor's audible signals set.
      • Display:the meter is easy to read in the color wide screen liquid crystal display.

      Light weight and compact device. A large and eye friendly LCD panel has been adopted on the unit. Energy saving feature. The power of the unit automatically turns

      off when there are no operations for 3 minutes. (Automatic Shutdown function). High precision measurements guaranteed by advanced multi-frequency network impedance measurement technique and automatic calibrating. The accessories of the Apex Locator can be subjected to high temperature and pressure autoclave sterilization. Helping to avoid cross infection effectively. Better performances supported by rechargeable battery. More ECO-friendly and convenient, not to mention the longer running time.