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Beyond Dental Cordless Curing Light CL-628

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Beyond Dental Cordless Curing Light CL-628

  •        High-powered curing with a slimmed-down design
  •      Curing power of up to 1000mw/cm2
  •     Dual wavelengths system able to cure any dental composite material
  •       Two timer options: Intense, 10 second curing function and five second, ramp-up followed by intense, 10 second curing function
  •         Compatible with PPD and CPQ photo-initiators
  •         Cordless with a long-lasting, rechargeable lithium ion battery
  •         Worldwide input voltage 100-240VAC
  •   150 Curing cycles on a single charge
  • 400-480 nm
  •  3 Year warranty
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