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  • Biox Hand-Held Digital X-Ray System

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    Biox Hand-Held Digital X-Ray System

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    The Biox At only 4.4 pounds is
    considered to be the lightest x-ray generator
    out in the market today. The Biox Battery is separated from the body to minimize the actual weight of the body and to reduce the stress on operator’s arms and shoulders.

    Simple Operation!

    The Biox Portable Hand Held Dental X-Ray unit Has A Wide color LCD with easy to recognize preset exposure time. BiOX is very easy to operate. You can adjust preset exposure time by just touch of a button.

    Biox Technical Features

    X-ray generator:     

    • Tube voltage:   60kV (Fixed)
    • Tube current:   3mA (Fixed)
    • High voltage generating circuit:   High frequency inverter method
    • X-ray control method:   Controlled by the micro processor
    • Time setting range:  0.01~1.6 second (0.01 sec step)

    X-ray tube:    

    • Type:   Stationary anode x-ray tube
    • X-ray tube focal size:   0.8 mm
    • Target angle:  20°
    • Total filtration:  1.6 mm A1 (Inherent filtration: 0.8 mm A1, Fixed added filtration:
      0.8 mm A1)