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  • Buffalo Dynamic Duo Electric Lab Handpiece And ThermaKnife

    $999.00 $659.99

    Buffalo Dynamic Duo Electric Lab Handpiece And ThermaKnife 


    The V-35 Micromotor- The V-35 electric handpiece system features a High Quality, multi-speed control console teamed with our dependable Gray Handpiece. A heavy-duty, 35,000 RPM, lab-only handpiece system to use with HP-sized burs that offers high durability, high torque and extremely smooth operation. NO foot control required!


    The ThermaKnife Thermal Tray Trimming Knife- A time-saving knife with a hot-tipped blade that promotes fast and easy trimming of ALL vacuum formed materials. Adjustable temperature control for precise heat adjustment providing the operator with immediate heat for fast cutting and trimming. Ultra-fast heating circuit gets tip to ideal temperature in seconds! Lightweight pen with sharp, permanent tip promotes improved comfort and control. We have even added an EXTRA INPUT for an additional pen, to allow for fast switching between 2 different style pens! Unit comes complete with 1 Knife Edged Tip Pen