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  • Case of 500 Sure Seal Elite Dual Fit ASTM Level 3 Fog Free Ear-Loop Face Masks

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    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Case Of 500 Sure Seal Elite Dual Fit Fog Free ASTM Level 3 Medical Ear-Loop Disposable Face Masks

    New SureSeal Elite 4 Layer, 4 fold, Fog Free with foam strip, Dual Fit Nose & Chin Band for a Strong Tight Fit

    SureSeal Face Mask with Dual Nose & Chin Piece
    It is 100% latex-free and fiberglass free. All materials are
    non-irritant, odorless and Hypoallergenic. Ear-loop. Compare to Cranberry Carbon Black Face Masks, and ValuMax Double Seal ArchAway 

    ASTM Level 3 protection with high fluid resistance. Greater than 99% BFE/PFE at 0.1 micron and >99% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE). 4-Fold design provides greater comfort with 15% more breathing volume. Nose and chin adjustment Alumium strips for custom fit and protection.

    • 4-ply,4-folder comfortable design. 4 Layers Provide even more Protection.
    • 160mmHg. 99% BFE/PFE at 0.1 micron and >99% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE)
    • Fluid resistant spunbond polypropylene outer layer
    • Meltblown filtration middle layer
    • Fluid resistant PPF as third layer can provide additional
    protection and breathability.
    • Silk-like, ultra-soft cellulosic white inner layer
    • Fog Free Foam Strip Won't Fog Up your Glasses. Ensures a Tight Fit.
    • 100% latex, fiberglass free hypoallergenic material
    • Full length Alumium nose & Chin piece that hold Stronger than the competition.
    • colors available: Blue, Black, Pink , Green

    Trust Sure Seal Surgical Face Masks to help protect you in the fight against infectious diseases, including COVID-19

    SureSeal Disposable Face Masks have been tested by the 3rd Party Medical Device Labs. Nelson Labs is a laboratory accredited to assess "Masks, Gloves, Medical Protective Clothing and Other Personal Protective Equipment." These test reports from these labs are also accepted by the US FDA.

    these test results include over 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and meet the EN14683 Type IIR EU Standard requirements. Sure Seal Surgical Face Masks are Now Made In The USA.

    Since the Corona Virus They are now Packed in a Plastic Bag, And then in a Nice Large Unique Distinguished Satin Bag Inside the Box to prevent Cross ContaminationPackaging: Meets ASTM Level 3 standard, 160 mmHg
    Differential Pressure: >5.0
    Flame Spread: Class 1
    Particulate Filtration Efficiency: >99.6
    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: >99.7
    Special: Fog Free Foam Strip, 4 Layer , 4 Fold, Metal Chin Piece 
    Quantity: 500 Case
    Item Type: Earloop
    Fluid Resistant: ASTM Level 3
    Composition/Ingredients: Hypoallergenic
    Color: Blue, Black
    Brand: Sure Seal Elite