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Cavitron JET Plus Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polishing Prophy System with Tap-On Technology (DENTSPLY)

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Cavitron JET Plus Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polishing Prophy System with Tap-On Technology (DENTSPLY)


When you choose Cavitron products, you're investing in clinical efficacy, ergonomics, ease of use, patient comfort, and long-term reliability. Designed to deliver the best dental hygiene care, the Cavitron® Jet Plus™ ultrasonic scaler  is the latest addition to a complete portfolio of quality products.

The Cavitron® Jet Plus™ combination ultrasonic scaler and air polishing unit continue to raise the professional standard. The next generation of intelligent ultrasonic scalers, Cavitron® Plus™ combines advanced features of 360 wireless footswitch, illuminated Diagnostic Display, Rinse setting, and automated Purge with our proven SPS Technology to provide the ultimate in ultrasonic scaling. And, add the benefit of superior air polishing with the Cavitron® Jet Plus™ combination unit.

The choice is simple. If you want the best, you want Cavitron products. And if you care about your patients - and your practice - choose the best.

Cavitron Plus with NEW Tap-On Technology activates scaling with a single tap of the foot pedal, allowing your foot to rest as you scale, designed to improve efficiency and reduce hygienist leg strain. Additional power options include single-push turbo mode for 25% greater power than normal. Finer water control allows for precise and convenient adjustment of lavage on the handpiece. Plus all the benefits you have come to expect from Cavitron: BlueZone designed for improved patient comfort; Autoclavable handpiece for reduced cross-contamination; and single-push rinse and purge modes.

Cavitron JET Plus Ultrasonic Scaler & Air Polishing Prophy System

Item #/Vendor: DP8187501 / 8187501
  • (1) Cavitron Jet Plus System
  • (1) Air Polishing Insert
  • (1) Jet-Mate Handpiece
  • (1) bottle of PROPHY-JET Prophy Powder
  • (1 ) bottle of JET-Fresh Prophy Powder (Na-free)
  • (1) Wireless Foot Control
  • (1) Auxiliary Cable for Foot Control
  • (4) AA Batteries and Instruction Manual

Installation Requirements: 115v 3-prong grounded wall outlet, air supply, water supply. Dimensions: 4" H x 7-3/8" W x 9-1/2" D