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  • Combi Portable Dental Polisher and Micro Motor

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    Combi Portable Dental Polisher & Micro Motor

    Great things come in small packages. The Flash Portable is a compact and light weight cordless polisher and drill combined. Featuring a high quality rechargeable Ni-Mh battery and a convenient carrying case for easy mobility and storage. Equipped with a high torque brush motor with speeds up to 20,000 rpm.
    1 year warranty

    • Portable & Battery rechargeable Micromotor Max. speed 20,000rpm.
    •  Easy Operation with Power-Speed Control Combined Switch.
    • Selectable Forward Reverse rotation and Variable speed control knob.
    • Portable and Usable anywhere with the Pocketable.
       High quality Rechargeable Sealed Ni-Mh Battery
    • Long Continuous Operation, You Can recharge the Battery during operation.
    • Light weight Controller.
    • Carrying Case,Belt Clip Holder,  E-Type Motor. Optional Contra Angle & Straight Attachments Included in Complete Set.
    • Accepts Both 110 & 220 Volt