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  • Corix Digital Dental Intraoral X Ray Unit

    $3,599.00 $2,429.00

    Corix 70 Plus-USV-WM Digital Dental X Ray Unit

    Intraoral Wall mount X-ray units

    Simply select the desired tooth and patient size, and you're on your way.  A powerful microprocessor  automatically chooses the exposure time, according to the type and position of the tooth; options of three patient sizes;  film or digital sensor; with automatic compensation for the main voltage variation.  Manual override is optional if required.  Technical factors are displayed on a bright LCD Screen, with a submenu that provides additional options

    Corix 70 Plus-USV-WM Digital X-ray unit

    Corix Digital New Style LCD Control Panel

    A new generation of easy to pre-set, Digital
    Exposure Timer, with a three digit LCD Display, fully
    compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging
    system with an array of sub-menu options only
    provided by Corix Medical Systems:


    A new generation of easy to pre-set Digital Exposure Timer, with a 3 digit LCD Character Display, fully compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging systems, with an array of sub-menu options only provided by Corix Medical Systems®.

    - 10 factory pre-set programs with exposure time selection or manual override.
    - Selection for 2 patient size.
    - Film, CCD or Phosphor plate selection.
    - 5 options of pre-heating time selection for the x-ray tube.
    - CLine voltage compensated exposure time or manual override, if required.
    - Exposure counter.
    - Precision integrated digital voltmeter for monitoring the mains voltage variation.
    - 3 internal exposure time calibration factors, to compensate for the sensitivity of the image receptor.
    - Optional, integrated high quality filmless digital sensor.
    - Optional remote x-ray button.

    New Stlye Tube Head 

    A new, modern, 70KVp-8mA Tubehead, with a small focal spot, low energy x-ray filter, and beam limiting device, assures outstanding sharpness, and maximum details in intra-oral radiography.  Positioning is made easier with an angle indicator on one side of the unit.  Lead shields and critical components are over sized to provide additional years of safe and trouble-free operations.

    SHIPPING WEIGHT: Mod. WM (Wall Mount): 34 kg. Mod.MM (Mobile Stand): 55 kg.

    NET WEIGHT: Mod. WM (Wall Mount): 29 Kg. Mod. MM (Mobile Stand): 41 Kg.

    TOTAL FILTRATION: 2 mm. Al eq.

    FOCAL SPOT: 0.8 (IEC 60366:2005)

    RADIATION LEAKAGE @ 1 m. : Less than 50 mR/h (Technical Factors: 70 KVp, 8 mA, 1s).


    EXPOSURE TIME RANGE: 0.03 to 3.00 s. in steps of 0.01 s. 10 pre-set exposure time, with automatic main voltage compensation. 5 different pre-heating time pre-selected by the user are available for loading the x-ray tube. (Pre-heating time is not shown on the display).

    RATED TUBE CURRENT: 8 mA +/- 15% @ 120 V.

    RATED TUBE POTENTIAL: 70 KVp +/- 7% (Single phase, self rectifying).


    Technical Features
    RATED LINE VOLTAGE: 120V. +/-10%, 50/60Hz. (As specified on the technical labels)


    Corix Digital Dental X Ray Units

    SHIPPING DIMENSIONS: Mod. WM (Wall Mount): 1 Box, 95 x 52 x 28 cms. Mod.MM (Mobile Stand): 2 Boxes, 110 x 35 x 27 cms., and 92 x 39 x 40 cms.