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  • Corix Digital Dental Intraoral X Ray Unit

    $3,599.00 $2,429.00

    Corix Digital Dental Intraoral X Ray Unit (Corix)

    Simply select the desired tooth and patient size, and you're on your way.  A powerful microprocessor  automatically chooses the exposure time, according to the type and position of the tooth; options of three patient sizes;  film or digital sensor; with automatic compensation for the main voltage variation.  Manual override is optional if required.  Technical factors are displayed on a bright LCD Screen, with a submenu that provides additional options.***Standard Wall Mount comes with 16" Wall Plate**Single Stud Mount Available upon request.

    Corix Digital New Style LCD Control Panel

    A new generation of easy to pre-set, Digital
    Exposure Timer, with a three digit LCD Display, fully
    compatible with the fastest film or digital imaging
    system with an array of sub-menu options only
    provided by Corix Medical Systems:

    • Nine factory pre-set memorized programs with
      exposure time selections or manual override.
    • Selection for 3 different patient sizes
    • Film or CCD sensor selection.
    • Four options of pre-heating time selections for the x-
      ray tube.
    • Line Voltage compensated exposure time, or
      manual override, if required.
    • Exposures counter.
    • Precision integrated digital voltmeter for monitoring
      the mains voltage variations.
    • Three internal exposure time calibration factors, to
      compensate for the sensitivity of the film or the CCD
    • Optional, remote x-ray button.
    • Optional, safety double x-ray buttons.