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  • Cybird Gold Dual Band LED Dental Curing Light

    $1,399.00 $899.00

    Cybird Gold Dual Band LED Dental Curing Light

    • Generates low heat & still maintains high intensity
    • 3 Curing modes : High Power / Plasma / Ortho Modes
    • Wavelength : More compatibility with most resins (400nm ~ 490nm)
    • 3 Complimentary light guides included : 45 clear 8x8mm / 90 clear 8x8mm / transilluminator tip

    9- Chip LED maintains stable light output & minimizes heat generation.

    High Power Mode: 1,500 mW/cm2

    Plasma Emulation mode: 2,50 mW/cm

    Ortho Mode: 16 times of 3 sec at 2,500 mW/cm2

    Cybird Gold Curing Light has ergonomic compact design that fits perfectly in anyones hands. It features New Dual Band Led which is compatible for most resiens , Improving the Inconvenience of carrying 2-3 curing lights fro each different type of resin.

    Cybird Gold Generates loe heat and still maintains high intensity for effcient curing. also the Cybird Gold helps doctors to reduce chair tmie caused dueing treatment with 1 short polmerization cycle.