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  • DCI Economy Extended HVE Autoclavable Vacuum Valve Kit 3 Pack

    $119.99 $71.64

    DCI Economy Extended HVE  Autoclavable Vacuum Valve Kit 3 Pack

    Economy Autoclavable Valves

    • Economy Autoclavable Extended Vacuum Valve Set
    • Single piece anodized aluminum body
    • Smooth plastic lever action
    • Quick disconnect - 360 degree swivel
    • Includes brush for cleaning

    Economy Extended HVE Three-Valve Kit. Ensure quality and save money with autoclavable economy vacuum valves. Keeping a ready supply of sterilized suction valves is easy and economical with our Economy Vacuum Valve Kits. Made in the USA with flawless matte anodized aluminum finish. Steam and chemical autoclavable. All kits include three valve assemblies, a 360 degree swivel disconnect, cleaning brush, and replacement O-rings.