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Dent-X 810 Basic Dental Auto Film Processor

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Dent-X 810 Basic Auto Film Processor


World-renowned for dependability, Dent-X automatic film processors deliver the highest quality x-ray images, week after week, year after year. Their dependability and their popularity are a direct result of their simplicity. Simple in design, simple to use, simply reliable.

If you are still not comfortable making the jump to digital, consider replacing your old film processor with the Industry Standard.

All Dent-X Automatic Film Processors

  • Are extremely low maintenance
  • Alert the operator when the system is ready to process film
  • Have an infrared dryer - to quickly and quietly dry film
  • Have a compact form, specifically designed for dental offices
  • Can be cleaned and prepped in minutes
  • Are available with an optional chemical drain kit to make cleaning even easier

1 year warranty

There are over 60,000 Dent-X 810 automatic Dental Film processors installed worldwide, spanning over 20 years of high quality film processing. Each of the three processor models share some of the same popular characteristics: Time-tested and proven engineering Accomodates all film sizes from pedo to cephalometric Modular design providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance Dent-X backed warranty and support for your assurance of continued quality.

The innovator of the 810 automatic processor line, the Basic is attractively priced and time-tested with proven reliability and durability for over 25 years