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  • Dental USA Super Blue Phase HD Cordless LED Curing Light

    $799.00 $299.99

    Dental USA Super Blue Phase HD Cordless LED Curing Light

    The Super Blue Phase HD Has a Extra Wide Digital Display Led  Panel  for extra clarity. The Super Blue Phase HD Dental Curing lIght Is A Very High Powered Professional Curing Light.

    Autoclavable light guide
    Super Blue
    Phase HD  uses powerful turbo light guide for better efficiency.
    The light guide also removable for sterilization.

    Fast polymerization
    Super Blue
    Phase HD using 5W LED can shorten its operation time with its powerful light intensity 1,600mW/Cm2

    Replaceable Battery
    Super Blue
    Phase HD  has a battery that can replaced instead of having to throw the light away or send it in to get repaired.

    Low Battery Detection

    The Super Blue Phase HD wil let you know when the battery needs recharged

    Timer  5 to 40 seconds

    Technical specifications

    Light intensity 800- 1,600mW/Cm2
    Wavelength range 420~490nm
    Total operation time 10 sec. x 350 times
    Time to recharge approx. 5-6 Hours
    Emission time 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 30/ 40 /45 sec.
    Lithium Battery
    3.7Volts 2200mah
    Program Modes
    Full / Ramp-up / Pulse
    Weight 143g
    Input power 100~240V AC, 50/60Hz