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Dentamerica Camrex 192 Wireless Dental Intraoral Camera

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Dentamerica Camrex 192 Wireless Dental Intraoral Camea

  • Built-in wireless receiver with 4 separate frequencies for optimal signal reception.
  • Videoutput connects directly to TV or computer monitor through AV or VGA input.
  • Self-sufficient, CCD technology, digital image processing.
  • Four lamp white LED illumination to provide maximum realistic color reproduction.
  • Built-in lens protector designed to prevent dust and scratches to optical components.
  • Mini-head design allows for easy access to the third molar region.
  • Disposable sleeves included to prevent cross contamination.
  • NTSC or PAL available.

Specifications?100~240V AC
Intraoral Camera L227 x W27 x H26 mm
Charging Unit L120 x W100 mm
Video Freeze Process Unit L170 x W104 x H30 mm
Intraoral Camera 100g
Video Freeze Process Unit 194g
Accessories?Camera Handpiece, Charging Unit,Video Freeze Process Unit, Disposable sleeves, DC9V Adaptor, RCA Video Cable