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  • Extra Safe AntiFog ASTM Level 3 Surgical Face Masks 50 Box

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    Extra Safe AntiFog ASTM Level 3 Surgical Face Masks

    Innovative inner material feels silky soft on your skin. Hypoallergenic. Now With 4 Ply Filtration, 4 Pleates And Fog Free Foam Strip. Helps To Keeps your glasses From Fogging Up.  Latex and fiberglass Free, Made with hypoallergenic materials. Extra Safe ASTM Level 3 Masks Now Come In Teal, Black, Purple color. Extra Safe Disposable Fog Free Surgical Masks are More breathable and Softer than leading competitors. Soft inner layer to reduce skin irritations and allergic reactions. Exceeds ASTM performance requirements for bacterial and particle filtration. High-filtration efficiency with 4 layers of protection Helps to block exhaled droplets

     Extra Safe ASTM Level 3 Medical Grade
    Face Masks with Fluid Protection.ExtraSafe Procedure Masks are manufactured in an ISO compliant facility by a manufacturer that is approved by the FDA to produce medical supplies of all forms-not just masks. These masks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure regulatory compliance and more importantly to ensure a premium mask you can trust.

    ExtraSafe Disposable Face Masks have been tested by the 3rd Party Medical Device Labs. Nelson Labs is a laboratory accredited to assess "Masks, Gloves, Medical Protective Clothing and Other Personal Protective Equipment." These test reports from these labs are also accepted by the US FDA. these test results include over 99% bacterial filtration efficiency and meet the EN14683 Type IIR EU Standard requirements.

    Now Made in the USA

    Brand: ExtraSafe
    Color: Teal, Black, Purple
    Composition/Ingredients: Hypoallergenic
    Fluid Resistant: ASTM Level 3
    Item Type: Earloop
    Fog Free:
    YES/ With Foam Strip

    Quantity: 50/Box
    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: >99.4
    Particulate Filtration Efficiency: >98.7
    Flame Spread: Class 1
    Differential Pressure: >5.0
    Meets ASTM Level 3 standard, 160 mmHg
    Packaging: Since the Corona Virus They are now Packed in a Plactic Bag Inside the Box to prevent Cross Contamination from Manufacturing