House Brand Midmark M11 Autoclave Replacement Door Gasket Kit OEM Part # 002-0504-00

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Replacement Midmark Type M11 Autoclave Door Gasket Seal Kit For OEM Part # 002-0504-00

House Brand Midmark Type M11 Autoclave OEM Matching Door Gasket Kit Made To Withstand Time. This 
Is of the Best Quality. And Fits Everytime.OEM part number
                                                This item corresponds with the following brands and manufacturers. Guaranteed To Fit 
Midmark Part Numbers 002-0504-00 & 057-0790-00
RPI Part Number MIK080
DCI Part Number 2195 
Includes – stainless steel Hoop, Door Gasket Seal & Dam

Manufacturer: House Brand
Color: Red
SKU 2195HB