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  • I-Max 2D Wall Mounted Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

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    I-Max 2D Wall Mounted Digital Panoramic Dental X-Ray System

    Futuristic design and ergonomics

    The I-Max is the lightest, most compact, full-featured panoramic device on the market. What’s more, you’ll be proud to see the way its refined, elegant design looks in your dental surgery.
    Exceptional image quality
    Using ALI-S (Automatic Layers Integration System), the unit directly selects the best cuts to display a perfect HD image automatically.
    Easy to install and operate
    A complete ultra-compact, ultra-light system conveniently delivered as one fully-assembled unit. With its intelligent setup system, a single technician can wall-mount it easily.
    Cost-effective performance
    Cutting edge technology in an economical compact unit. All electronic components have been optimized.
    The I-Max’s robust design means minimal breakdowns and easy maintenance. Flawless HD imagery.

      The essence of technology providing maximum adaptation

      Through its USB 2 interface, I-Max Easy connects to any PC having a USB port. Even better… With pre-installed compact fash, I-Max Easy can also record images while unconnected to a PC. Thanks to this compact card, images taken can be imported onto any computer in the practice.The CCD sensor’s great sensitivity coupled with the I-Max Easy’s powerful electronics ensures the creation of high-resolution images. Indeed, the images captured have perfect luminosity and are ideally contrasted. The very clear reproduction provided by I-Max Easy enables you to make an effective, precise and rapid diagnosis.

      QuickVision integrated panoramics

      QuickVision software is included to support your imaging needs. User-friendly and readily accessible, with its contextual menus, its icons and tabbed layout, the QuickVision software is 100% integrated with your panoramic unit and offers you image processing capabilities: contrast enhancement, video inversion, zoom, flters, pseudo-colours, equidensity, zoom navigator, etc. It also enables you to make very precise, actual size measurements directly on your panoramic image.

      Wall mounted panoramic unit : virtually no footprint, ideal for small practices : 136 Lbs weight

       Compact and stylish design

      Exceptional image quality and resolution

      New user’s interface for a better experience, with pre-set filters

      Face-to-face positioning

      Easy and fast install

      Reduced failure rate as the unit is industrially optimized (less components)

      The best investment/performance ratio on the market

      24 Programs
      The I-Max enables you to perform every type of examination you need (adult and child mode):

      - Standard panoramic

      - Right or left hemi-panoramic

      - Low-dose panoramic

      - Panoramic with enhanced orthogonality

      - Standard bitewing

      - Left or right hemi-bitewing

      - Frontal definition

      - Maxillary sinus examination

      - ATM examinations

      Class:Class II B / CE0051
      Power supply:110-120 V, 220-240 V at 50/60Hz
      Anode voltage:60 ÷ 70 kV
      Anode current:2 ÷ 7mA
      SID (Source to Image Distance):500mm
      Total weight (wall-mounted version):62kg
      Inherent filtration:> 2.5mm Al eq. @ 70 kVp
      HF generator:Constant potential
      X-ray focus:0.5mm EN 60336
      Connection :LAN, Ethernet (without dedicated computer)
      Digital sensor:CCD HD + optic fibre
      CCD resolution :10.4 pl/mm
      Exposure time :From 2,44 to 14.4 s (adult/child Pan)
      Enlargement:From 1.20 to 1.23
      Option:Column-mounted version