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iBrite 3rd Generation Mobile LED Teeth Bleaching Light System (Pac-Dent)

$2,599.00 $1,379.00

iBrite 3rd Generation Mobile LED Teeth Bleaching Light System (Pac-Dent)

Unique Color Correction Function

The iBrite chairside bleaching light unit is one of the most advanced tooth whitening systems available. It is safe, fast and convenient, and is the only tooth whitening lamp that features both functions of tooth color correction and superior tooth bleaching.

  • Work exceptionally well for both gel & powder-liquid based tooth whitening methods
    • Combines LED polymerization, light activation & color-correction technologies
    • 6 ~ 10 Shades of whiter teeth in less than 1 Hour

    • State-of-the-art LED Technolodgy

    • 10 Pre-programmed whitening sessions