iBrite Mobile LED Teeth Bleaching Light System (Pac-Dent) Unique Color Correction Function

$2,499.00 $1,379.00

iBrite Mobile LED Teeth Bleaching Light System (Pac-Dent)

Unique Color Correction Function

The iBrite chairside bleaching light unit is one of the most advanced tooth whitening systems available. It is safe, fast and convenient, and is the only tooth whitening lamp that features both functions of tooth color correction and superior tooth bleaching.

Intuitive Control Panel:

iBrite™’s control panel is designed to minimize the users’ learning process. It features buttons with intuitive graphic representations of their corresponding functions, and illuminated LCD display that shows exactly what the light is doing at any specific stage. The control panel’s intuitive design is sure to help the dental clinicians to concentrate on their patients, instead of how to use the light.