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  • JDS JM122 Oilless Dental Air Compressor

    $6,999.99 $3,969.99

    JDS JM122 Oilless Dental Air Compressor

    JM Series features:

    JDS Offers nothing less than top of the line equipment. Every component and all features are tested for performance, Bringing you the best quality.

    • All new motor design to reduce noise and improve reliability.
    • New intake filter design, wall mount air intake filter no longer necessary.
    • Filters are located on the motors directly.
    • Our exhaust silencer keeps the noise level to a minimum, and filters the purge air to keep your mechanical room clean.
    • the purge tank/ desiccant dyer system provides the cleanest and most dry air possible, leaving you worry free through out the day.
    • 5 Year Warranty