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  • JDS mfg Vortex I Dental Vacuum Pump 1 HP

    $2,618.00 $1,649.00

    JDS mfg Vortex I Dental Vacuum Pump

    These Dental Vacuum pumps are the strongest, most reliable Vacuum pumps ever designed specifically for dentistry. They are known for there minimum power loss and durability because of the individual attention given to each equipment produced. With and unrivaled longevity, the Vortex Dental Suction Pump is the only smart choice. Feel the power of the Vortex Dental Vacuum Pump !

    1 Horse Power 

    - Available in 1 to 2 HP
    - R= Water Recycler
    - S= Air Water Separator
    - Single Pump / 2-4 Users
    -5 Year Warranty