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  • LED-P Power Pen Type Curing Light (Vector)

    $499.00 $359.99

    LED-P Power Pen Type Curing Light (Vector)

    The Vector LED-P curing light is a fast-curing LED light offered at an incredible value price!
    Emits typical light output at about 1,400mW/cm2 needs only 5 seconds to cure most resin-based
    composites on the market. Incorporates a 5W blue LED producing 440 to 480nm t
    o polymerize all
    camphorquinone (CQ) containing products.
    Compare: Power, Features, and Price to lights at 3 times the price!

    Vector LED-P Curing Light Features:

    •  Digital timer display with multiple mode selection: Boost (fast curing) and ramp up (soft start).
    •  Two button easy operation
    •  Can be used both cordless or corded
    •  Rechargeable lithium battery capable of 200 - 10 second curing cycles before the need to recharge.
    •  Slim, ergonomic, lightweight design weighing only 155g.
    •  Accepts all Vector light guides for versatility.