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Litex 680A Halogen Curing Light (Dentamerica)

$429.00 $299.99

Litex 680A Halogen Curing Light (Dentamerica)      

the Litex 680A Has 75 Watts, 12V, tungsten halogen lamp ~Internally-mounted super-cool fan for continuous duty. ~Accurately calibrated automatic timer allows preselection of cure rate
      from 10 to 60 seconds with audible tone ~Interrupt cycle capability. Ergonomically designed "pistol grip" for maximum comfort.~Autoclavable fiber optic probe, full 360 degree rotation for easy access ~A thermal switch to safely shut the unit off when overheating. ~Unit is available for 100/110 volts 50/60 Hz, or 220/240 volts 50 Hz
      operation. ~ Standard package includes 9mm general purpose probe and eye protection
      shield for safety operation.~Unit can be wall mounted or free standing.~

Wave length: 350-520nm Light intensity: 450-700 mW/cm2 ~1 year warranty