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Marathon 600 Duo Brushless & Carbon Brushed Dental Micro Motor

$998.00 $589.00

Marathon  600 Duo Brushless & Carbon Brushed  Dental Micro Motor

Dual Control System Both Brushless And arbon Brush Motor.

Speed: 1,000~50,000min
The rotation speed can be changed steplessly(variably)within the rang between 1,000 and 50,000min.
Smooth and powerful torque is delivered in low to high speed areas. Especially high speed rotations of 50,000min at maximun allows precision mircromachining.

Low noise, Low vibration
The hermetically enclosed brushless motor has reduced the noise level by 20% compared to conventional models, resulting in quieter, more comfortable work environment.
Excellent Durability
High performance brushless motor eliminates the need to change brushes.

Multi switching function
Easy changing of bench top controlled by hand knob or foot pedal with desk side installation controlled by knee control panel.