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  • MaxRay Cocoon Dental Intra Oral HandHeld X-Ray Unit

    $7,999.00 $5,399.00

    MaxRay Cocoon Dental Intra Oral HandHeld X-Ray Unit

    The MaxRay Cocoon is Lightweight. Portable. Handheld.

    Improved Workflow

    Take radiographs nearly twice as fast then a conventional X-Ray systems, saving you approximately 120 work hours a year. How much is your conventional X-Ray system costing you?

    Zero Leakage Design

    The MaxRay has under gone extensive testing to ensure it is safe to use for the operator and the patient. The MaxRay interior components are thoroughly sealed with multiple sheets of lead (Pb) to block out any leakage radiation.

    High Resolution X-Rays

    The MaxRay Cocoon produces sharp, high resolution images with a 0.4mm focal point. At 70kV the MaxRay generator produces clear images while reducing patient dose.

    A Better Patient Experience

    Spend more time with your patients & reduce patient movement. Gone are the days you have to leave the patient to take an x-ray. Why waste time walking back and forth to take an x-ray?

    Less Retakes

    How many times have you set up your conventional wall mounted x-ray generater, only to have it drift as you go to take an x-ray? The MaxRay Cocoon Handheld Dental X-Ray can reduce the number of retakes by up to 50%.

    FDA Approved

    At less the 5lbs the MaxRay Cocoon HandHeld X-ray Unit is lightweight and ready to move. The camera shape design allows the MaxRay Cocoon X-Ray Unit to be held by either one hand or by a carrying strap. Easily finish an FMX in just a few minutes.

    The MaxRay Cocoon X-Ray has an easy to use display and control function and even comes equipped with Voice Prompts!

    The MaxRay Cocoon Dental Intra Oral HandHeld X-Ray Unit has a Long-Life Lithium Battery, the best battery technology on the market today, taking over 500 x-ray shots on a single battery charge compared to only 100 with other systems. Forget to charge the battery? No sweat. Just plug in the power adapter to the nearest outlet and take continue to taking x-rays.

    • Eliminate multiple X-Ray units.
    • Simplify your design and reduce your cabinet costs.
    • Eliminate between operatory shielding

    Specifications :

    Tube Voltage: 70 kV
    Tube Current: 2mA (External Power) / 1. 7 mA (Internal Battery)
    Tube Focal Spot Size: 0.4 mm
    Power Consumption: 336 VA, 321VA
    Cooling Method: Oil Cooling Method
    Total Filtration: Over 2.3 mm Al (Inherent Filtration: 1.0 mm Al) °
    Target Angle: 12.5°
    Exposure Time Range: 0.05 -1.0 sec
    Exposure Time Interval between the exposure : 0.01 sec
    Distance to Target (Distance between Target and Focal Spot : 18 cm {7 inch)
    Body Dimension: 322(L) x 134(W) x 262(H) [mm]
    Body Weight : 4.8 lb (Back Scattered Shield excluded)
    Battery : 16.8 V
    Battery exposure capacity : 500 Shots with full charged
    Voice Guide pre recorded
    Narration for quick user training
    Wide UI screen

    Application for COCOON HandHeld X-Ray unit in Dental and Veterinary

    COCOON X-Ray Unit has enough power and handy weight to be used for both general treatment and operation.

    When mobility is needed most frequently, x-rays are important as a progress check in many dental surgical operations. Moving a patient under anesthesia for a wall-mounted x-ray is not only inconvenient and time-consuming for the doctor, but risky for the patient. The COCOON portable handheld x-RAY device allows for true one-hand portable X-RAY shots: as many as 500 shots before recharging. It is more efficient for dentists and oral surgeons, and the operator is also protected by advanced safety features.

    COCOON portable handheld X-RAY device provides veterinarians instant and accurate diagnoses on-site, eliminating the need to transport heavy animals for body and oral X-RAY imaging.

    In many pet clinics pets requiring examination for illness or infection face risk of high radiation exposure, especially small pet oral scans. But COCOON portable handheld X-RAY device uses low radiation, avoiding unnecessary exposure for furry family members.