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  • MicroMax Cordless Prophy Hygiene Handpiece

    $999.00 $709.00

    MicroMax Cordless Prophy Hygiene Handpiece

    A completely portable and rechargeable handpiece.
      1. Cordless convenience offers complete portability. 
      1. Heavy-duty high torque motor. 
      1. Forward/reverse functions. 
      1. Reciprocating setting available without use of additional attachment. 
      1. Five rotation speeds available for different applications. 
      1. Ergonomic design provides comfort and easy operation. 
      1. High capacity lithium-ion battery provides stable and prolonged usage. Also Changeable. 
      1. Offers quick and easy coupling. 
      1. Low battery warning light.
      Specifications: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
      Dimensions: L30 x W27 x H197 mm
      Weight: 150g
      Rpm: 200-1,000
      Accessories: Charging base, Handpiece, Power Cable

    A D V A N T A G E S
    Powered by the finest Swiss-made motor, Micromax features an ergonomic design 
    that is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

    • Heavy-duty, high-torque, brushless motor with fingertip control provides 
      consistent, smooth, quiet operation and resists stalling under load, even at 
      slow speeds.
    • Five pre-set rotation speeds and forward/reverse functions maximize 
    • Reciprocating mode turns ANY prophy angle into a reciprocating angle to 
      reduce heat build-up and splatter—no additional attachment needed. 
    • High capacity lithium-ion battery provides stable, long lasting performance.
    • Operates for two hours continuously on a full charge.
    • Total weight only 4.8 oz. 

    Each handpiece is complete with your choice of latch, screw, snap-on or 
    straight-type attachment, and 110VAC charging base with built-in status 
    indicator. Manufactured under strict ISO 9001 guidelines, Micromax offers a one 
    year manufacturer's warranty. Includes charging storage base.