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Mix Quick Digital Dental Amalgamator

$399.00 $239.99
  • Mix Quick Digital Dental Amalgamator
  • The Mix Quick Universal high-speed Dental amalgamator is controlled by a microprocessor, which ensures a precise, controllable and consistent mixing. With a safety cover, Mix Quick Amalgamator will deactivate automatically when you open the front cover to access the capsule.
    ·Silicone rubber buttons for comfortable touch
    ·LED display
    ·Two speed selections
    ·Noiseless and stable operation
    ·Easy operation and sturdy capsule holder
    ·Sealed mixing area with a safety cover
    ·Ergonomic design
    Technical data:
    Input Voltage: 110V 50HZ/60HZ
    Input power: 30W
    Mixing frequency: 2960RPM~4200RPM
    Mixing time: 4 to 40 seconds
    Dimensions: 295L X 250L X 230H
    Weight : 2.2KG
  • 1 Year warranty