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MultyCam USB 2.0 type intraoral camera (DXM)

$2,999.00 $1,999.00

MultyCam USB 2.0 type intraoral camera (DXM)

The multycam Intraoral Camera is made of the highest quality materials. It is a plug and play Intraoral camera ready to go out of the box. The multycam Introral camera is one of the best Intraoral cameras for Focusing and getting a good picture. You can also use the multycam Intraoral camera for face pice of your patients.

• The Multycam Intraoral Camera has Excellent resolution: MultyCam displays max. 1280x960(1.2 megapixels) high-resolution digital images.
•Easy installation: The USB cable goes into the camera hand-piece and into any USB 2.0 port of any computer
• The MultyCam Intraoral Camera has the focus control button on the hand-piece to adjust the focus of the lens.
•6 white LED
1-year warranty