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Nautica Dental Delivery Unit with Cuspidor (Westar)

$5,210.00 $3,256.00

Nautica Dental Delivery Unit with Cuspidor (Westar)

  • Asepsis automatic control for three handpieces and syringe
  • Standard three-way syringe, with autoclavable tip
  • Individual water coolant controls
    • Westar arm with air brake and "S" shaped connection
    • Stainless steel tray and swivel tray holder
    • Large contoured junction box with regulators and master shut offs
    • Wet/dry foot control
    • Purge system
    • Vor tex valve with Lifetime warranty
    • Contoured porcelain cuspidor on contoured vacuum box
    • Timed bowl rinse
    • Momentary cup filler
    • Autoclavable Premium High volume evacuator and hose
    • Autoclavable Premium Saliva ejector and hose
    • Self-contained water system
    • Water outlet on utility center - 1/4" quick disconnect