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  • Owandy RX Pro DC Intraoral Dental X-Ray Unit

    $5,299.00 $3,199.99

    Owandy RX Pro DC Intraoral Dental X-Ray Unit

    Reliable and robust !

    The Owandy-RX Pro X Ray Unit has been designed to withstand all kinds of demands and stresses. It Is also fitted with a system to guarantee their stability.

    – Eliminates vibrations
    – Eliminates interfering movements

    Activates automatic exposure time compensation, regardless of any fluctuations in the mains supply.

    Because design is increasingly important in the practice, the Owandy-RX Pro Dental X-Ray Unit combines
    technological requirements and modern design. The arm is easy to adjust. Its 3 arm lengths are designed to adapt to the layout of your surgery, tailoring the unit to your workstation as effectively as possible.

    The flexible arm allows the Owandy RX Pro to be handled effortlessly, with accurate positioning.
    Its compact shape means it fits easily into your dental practice or implant surgery room.

    The Owandy-RX Pro Dental X-Ray Unit has three different arm lengths, to suit different layouts in your dental surgery.

    Flexible arm !

    With a focal point of 0.4mm, the Owandy-RX Pro guarantees exceptional image quality, with welldefined
    contours, which will facilitate diagnostics. Thanks to its handle, one hand is enough to handle and stabilize the Owandy-RX Pro. The anti-movement and anti-vibration device ensures perfect immobilization during exposure.


    With its clear and large LCD screen, you can view the parameters even from a distance.
    In addition, its "memory" functionality allows you to modify the pre-programmed exposure times according to the receiver (sensor or plates).

    Safety first

    For us, the safety of your patients is the most important. Its High Frequency technology reduces x-rays considerably, eliminating armful soft rays. The DC (high frequency) version comes with the "Wireless switch" option, allowing you to control X-ray emissions remotely, and ensuring maximum safety of personnel. The wireless option makes installation easy: no need to worry about cable entries.