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  • OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

    $759.99 $599.99

    OZ-Plus 50K Brushless Dental Micro Motor

    Set includes Oz Plus control box. FORTE 100αIII brushless handpiece, speed control foot pedal, motor handpiece stand, one fuse and one wrench. Oz Plus is a compact and high-performance electronic drill system with standard sized brushless motor handpiece

      • Digital display
      • Self-diagnostic Error display
      • Work memory storage
      • Brushless handpiece
      • Strong Durable Motor, Powerful torque at low speeds
      • Wider HP for Larger-Hand Technician
      • RPM : Max 50,000RPM
      • Torque: Max. 7.8
      • Weight: 254g
      • Dimension : 171mm / 29 Φ
      • 1 Year Warranty