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  • Papaya 3D Panoramic Imaging Unit

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    Papaya 3D Panoramic Imaging Unit

    3D CT, Panoramic Imaging
    The versatile imaging capability provides the user with accurate information for implant planning.

    7.7 sec Fast Scan for 3D image
    - Dedicated three sensors for each mode
    The structure is optimized for safety, stability, and durability.
    - Balance prevents position errors during scan
    - Stability reduces installation requirements

    Multi-FOV Selection (4x5, 14x14)
    Multi-F.O.V. selection enables accurate scanning whilst keeping dose levels to a minimum.
    FOV 4x5, 7x7, 8x8, 14x8, 14x14

    Automated sensor switching for each scanning mode.
    Auto-swing system positions the appropriate sensor without manual intervention.
    User Friendly
    Face to face positioning / Fit each individual’s jaw shape. / Voice support system / Hand switch / Emergency switch / Wheelchair accessible
    Exposure Programs
    Standard panoramic, orthogonal panoramic, bitewing panoramic, child panoramic, TMJ lateral double, horizontal & vertical X-ray segmentation, TMJ PA double, TMJ LAT-PA, TMJ LAT-PA double, sinus lateral and sinus PA