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  • Papaya Plus Panoramic And Cephalometric X-Ray Unit

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    Papaya Plus Panoramic And Cephalometric X-Ray Unit

    By choosing a sensor, which improves the image quality while keeping radiation exposure to a minimum, Genoray has shown that it puts patient’s safety first.

    PAPAYA PLUS added Tomography function and without hardware upgrade and considering of manufacturing of Tomography function; in addition to S/W, PAPAYA provides Tomography image.

    • When compared to the standard scanning method, PAPAYA PLUS has the shortest scan time out there
      - Among patient discomfort, image's swing, and distortion, they are reduced along with the short scan time.
    • It is enough only 4 second for scanning cephalo image on fast mode.
      This reduces motion artifacts.

    Exposure Programs
    Lateral, AP, PA, Water’s view, Submento vertex, and carpus,

    Multi-focus function ables to overcome operator's mistake from patient's faulty positioning and re-exposuring X-ray. By reconstructing image with software way, the panoramic images layer can be corrected by multi-focus function.